Hand Controls

Hand controls enables drivers to transfer the operation of gas and brake from foot to hand through a push and pull or turn motion. This makes it an ideal solution for many people with varying levels of lower body mobility.

They are designed to fit most cars, trucks and vans and go through thorough testing to exceed all industry standards ensuring safe and reliable driving.

Not only that, but the Veigel hand controls are designed to ensure family members and friends can also still operate the vehicle with ease.

Take a look at the different hand control adaptations available below:


Veigel eClassic

“Power-Safety-Control all in your hand”

Familiar face - new state of the art design and functionality- with the maximum driving pleasure. The e- Classic is much easier to use thanks to its cutting edge electronic acceleration which allows to you experience your vehicle in a completely new way.

Product details

Braking and accelerating can be easily controlled with only the use of your hand. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows for fatigue-free driving. Its sleek and attractive design allows for more legroom and fits perfectly the your vehicle’s interior


  • Easier to use – experience cutting edge electronic acceleration without delay.

  • Twist – Push principle.

  • Effortless and fatigue-free acceleration and braking.

  • Sleek design for more legroom and space in the footwell.

  • Ergonomic grip.

  • Grip angle can be individually adjusted.

  • Can be deinstalled without leaving marks on your vehicle.

  • Fits every vehicle.

  • High quality, high-low-temperature resistant materials.

  • Veigel Quality: 100% Made in Germany

*Installation does not compromise the functionality of the original turn signal and horn.*

Veigel Classic II

The second generation of a classic
2013 winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for design, our VEIGEL Classic II hand control offers more legroom and improved adjustability of the driver’s seat. Classic series hand controls allow for convenient control of brake and gas with the right hand. VEIGEL Classic II is designed to match the interior equipment of modern vehicles. The hand control is operated by turning/pushing.




Product details

When developing the VEIGEL Classic II, special focus was given not only to improved adjustability of the driver’s seat and increased legroom but also to simplified foldability by means of a lock lever, making changes from drivers with disabilities to non-disabled drivers much easier and quicker.
To accelerate, turn the handle clockwise. A slight forward push activates the brake which may also be locked effortlessly.
The ergonomic handle and the adjustability of the handle angle enable the different drivers to accelerate easily and effortlessly.


  • Turn-push system
  • Elegant design matching the interior equipment of modern vehicles
  • Effortless and fatigue-free accelerating and braking
  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Individual handle angle adjustment
  • Slim design for more legroom
  • Simple folding away when not in use
  • Automatic locking into place when reactivated
  • Completely removable
  • Excellent patented design in VEIGEL quality: 100 % made in Germany
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Premium thermal barrier materials
  • Easy integration of secondary controls

Veigel Classic II Commander

The optional fitted Vegiel Commander for Classic II allows the driver to conduct the most important secondary functions of the vehicle with just one finger.
The device can be used easily and integrates perfectly with the award-winning design of the Veigel hand control. In addition, the original vehicle operating functions remain intact.


Classic II with Quad Grip and Quad Brake Lock Button

When a driver is faced with limited grip strength, the quad grip is used in the safe operation of the brake and gas. This option ensures that the drivers hand will not slide off during acceleration.
In addition to the grip we also offer a larger diameter brake lock button making it easier for drivers with limited grip strength and dexterity to engage the brake lock.



Veigel Compact II

The second offering in our line of right hand controls is the Veigel Compact II.  The Compact II is a push pull hand control and provides a slim design to fit better in today's newer, more compact vehicles. The unique push pull motion prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake. The second pivot point for acceleration allows for more range of seat positioning when compared to a traditional right hand push pull hand control.




Product Details

Proven technology, sleek and elegant design – that is how the Compact II hand control is made. The function is simple: to accelerate, pull the ergonomically shaped handle backwards, a slight push in the forward direction operates the brake. The mechanical brake lock can be easily engaged with the push of a button. The handle is shaped in such a way that the hand can rest on it while driving. This means relaxed and effortless driving. The hand control can also be folded out of the way when not in use.


  • push forward to brake
  • pull back to accelerate
  • brake lock button maintains vehicle braking to free hand for gear selection
  • cannot gas and brake at the same time
  • new design allows the driver to keep the seat close to the control without affecting acceleration
  • new stylish cover integrates better with modern car interior
  • right hand use
  • typical installation mounts to seat bolts
  • specific brackets for most popular mobility vehicles including wheel chair accessible trucks and mini-vans


Veigel Basic II

The cost-effective alternative

VEIGEL Basic II is the economical version of Compact II; it operates in the same way as its aesthetically and ergonomically more sophisticated sister: to accelerate, pull back the handle. A slight forward push activates the brake, which may also be temporarily locked. The sturdy and functional Basic II meets the basic requirements for hand controls.


Product details

The push-pull system of the VEIGEL Basic II activates the brake and accelerator through mechanical rods. Due to the relatively large space required between seat and gear lever, only few car models do not allow for the installation of the Basic II. If you own one those few models, you should consider the space-saving VEIGEL Compact II.



  • Push-pull system

  • Slim design for more legroom

  • Simple folding away when not in use

  • Automatic locking into place when reactivated

  • Completely removable

  • Suitable for most vehicle types

  • Moderately priced